My God is HUGE

Posted: November 14, 2012 in good deeds, religion, self help, Uncategorized
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My God is HUGE
And although I have rattled some cages this week they are tremors of just that, cages that hold a desperate roar dying in fact to convince me of the only thing it has to sell, fear
My God is HUGE
He’s not scared so neither am I! He said greater is he who is in me, so I say
My God is HUGE
When I feel worthless he reminds me of my worth, when I feel penniless he reminds me of his worth, when I feel the most unloved, he absolutely lavishes me with the deepest seeping love that it leaks in & fills all my cracks
My God is HUGE
And the tremors from the cages I’ve rattled, they know with face, what I know with faith, for what I revel in they slithered from, I was called in & they were called out, I’m redeemed & they’re doomed. I’m highly favored & they couldn’t be further from the truth.
My God is HUGE.

  1. Yes, my God is Huge! I love it because it assures anyone that has faith and that have not seen their circumstances turned around that God can do it. I’m a new author to Starting Over. Feel free to like and follow me. Chat later.

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