Guilt trip

Posted: January 8, 2013 in faith, family, god, love, religion, self help, Uncategorized
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Whats the biggest problem with the church today? Well I think the hold back with the “go ye therefore” commission is simple. The church or (body of Christ) has established itself for the wayward of the world, even in the Dark Ages as a place of sanctuary, but we’ve as a body have never been able to bridge the gap. When the bottom falls out people still seek solace in the sanctuary. In my opinion there are two reasons the world darkens the doors of the church the first being the last resort on the road trip to make sense of life, to seek justice to find answers, to feel hope. The second is the guilt trip, and we’ve all been on one side or the other of that morality push. So guilt and answers are the reason’s nonmembers serve their pew time. I don’t think the church get’s this, they’ve approached the problem, I’ll give them that. There are even names for these churches, they’re called “Mega Churches” or “Seeker Friendly”. Let me be clear, I think these are fantastic attempts, I just don’t think they’re the full monty. I live in a growing suburban city, at a recent festival they had shirts that said “Suwanee, Live, Work, Play” I think that’s what the church is trying to accomplish in a round about way. I keep thinking about the way Jesus handled outreach, he met people where their needs were, he hung out with the tax collectors, the prostitutes and the sinners, and they loved him. They invited him to their parties, they sought him out, they invited him over, they stayed late, they came back for more. And the main thing that surprises me was that they didn’t avoid him, quite the opposite. He seemed to stir them up im ways that made them feel alive like never before, they wanted to be around him, they wanted him at their parties and let’s be real, these weren’t Sunday school parties. See he was in the world, but he wasn’t of the world. You HAVE to be in the world to give the answers their hearts are dying for, we carry the gospel of Jesus Christ, the good news, the light in the darkness, the hope for the hopeless. But when we knock, they pretend they don’t hear, they put up a front before we get our foot in the door. This is the point, this can’t be right.
The people Jesus was hanging around would’ve said, what makes you so cool, why is it when we’re with you everything seems possible, and here’s the key… He said, guys if you think I’m legit, you should meet my Father, as a matter of fact, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen The Father. This has got to be our driving force, this is our one and only example.
In my lifetime of conversations whether I was above the life curve or behind it (spiritually) I never considered, not really my life light, the light your life gives off should brighten the footpath for those around you, it gives them hope for the glory that lies ahead. See in darkness fear sees just fine, and how would you treat a friend that lied to you as much as your fears have? Light scatters darkness and fears are subjected to the truth of the light. Our life light is what the world needs, because they may not be open to your thoughts or opinion, but living life in the dark with people and coming along beside them with your light, well that’s effortless, you were already shining. And there we have it! “Come you me…my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” The work of the “Church” should be easy for the parishioners, just live like your loved. Flow out of your overflow. Give out of your abundance, and shine for your light has come!


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