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When I tuck my kids in at night and we have our little day summary chats, the question that is hidden inside everything I ask is, “how’s your heart?” Proverbs 4:23 Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Life is a constant motion, you’re either moving forward towards your destiny or you’re moving backwards away from it. Your never really in a holding pattern, but rather a living vessel made to pour out of.

Were you an influence or were you influenced today? Did you change your environment or did it change you? Because the world is begging you to be the difference, anyone can go along with the crowd, but its the Rosa Parks that are willing be the one that influence and change history. Deuteronomy 28:13 The Lord made you the head and not the tail.r

Did you give love or did you give up control of your love? We are called to love, we are created to love, we were made in the image of love, God is love. If life is constantly moving we either were love or we with held our love,

Every day you make a difference, everyday you create a legacy, everyday your life matters.

Just consider how you influence your children, keep in mind you’re also influencing everyone they influence, it’s worth all the effort you can afford and borrow against.

Now that’s powerful!!

Be Mighty!!!!


When I don’t return sarcasm for sarcasm, that’s because You were guarding my heart, when I give You my heart, You guard it for out of my heart flows all of life, so in the midst of a storm you covered me with your wings, you gathered me in and protected my utmost with your highest. And in the aftermath you restored my soul. I trust you with anything because you already protected it with your everything. You’re mercies are new everyday, it’s impossible to get to the bottom of your love, so dive in deep, head first, give it a try, you got nothing to loose, but everything to gain.

When I’m at my wits end and I begin to look at the waves crashing around me. The enemy screams no one is listening, your efforts don’t matter, you’re single voice is useless.
When giving up looks safe, but I know there’s no place for me there.
So to spit in the face of my accuser, I grab the hand of my sister who sees a similar wave and together we remind ourselves of the mighty Savior we serve and the high calling he’s leading us to and above all we remind ourselves of how worthy he is of our trust.
If our situation clouds our vision, he’s still there. When you’ve done everything to stand, stand and then take a step forward, pulling someone with you forces you to step forward, because the place you were standing was only room for one.
And then he overwhelms me with his love, he overshadows me with his awareness of my needs, my wants and even the desires that dare not even rise up, he knows them all. The surprising part about His love to me are the little parts, like the way he was listening, how he heard every cry. He saw every stand I took. He heard every word I said, and he wanted me to know now that my voice was heard. Today my life mattered. My discouragement broke his heart and the way I would look at my own heart broken kid and beg to hurt for her, He actually did! As a parent I often struggle with the right words to say to heal a heart. My Savior actually came to heal the broken hearted, he actually says the exact words to stop the bleeding and to restore hope. How’s that possible, I have no idea, but to love Him is to know Him. With every step through every struggle I’ve never looked back and wish I would’ve stayed grounded. Standing is fantastic, but taking a step is the beginning of momentum, which can be monument!