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The day I link it all back to, was Thanksgiving 2010, I was praying with my sister and I’ve heard people talk about the presence of God and at that moment there was no longer any question in my mind had I felt it. It changed everything, I looked for it every time I prayed, and like a selfish child that wasn’t enough. I began to look for the presence while I was waiting on my kids at cheerleading practice or at a basketball game. Where’s he at? Was at the root of every question I ask. Seek and you will find I thought. I didn’t want to miss a single chance. That’s how I fed my hunger with more hunger, total distraction. What’s the score of the game? I don’t know, have you seen God, have you felt the Spirit? Of course I never said it out loud, but it was the tip of my tongue, that fumbled all my legitimate answers. Why wasn’t anyone else consumed? It began to leak out of all my conversations…”I felt God say…I think the Spirit wants” I said it with such enthusiasm that people listened, I think my passion was so real they could borrow it, but only while I was there. It was weird, or maybe I was…but I’m not. What I am is loved, truly, madly, deeply loved by the creator of the universe and he calls me his daughter, he calls me his beloved. He speaks to me. He encourages me. He lifts me up. I would say He satisfies my soul, but He doesn’t, I’m just thirsty for more. Looking for Him, desperately seeking Him, everywhere you go, in everything you do, just because you gotta know more, that’s where it started for me, that’s where my ears began to perk up. It really is a friendship that takes time to develop, you learn His ways and you get to know His heart. You wanna be able to run through a drive thru and order for Him. A friend you talk to everyday. A family member that the whole reunions a bust if they don’t show up. Your missing part. That’s where He fills you in.