Have we been here before?

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

As you go through the peaks and valleys of life, many things will grab the front seat of your attention. But as you’re staying the course, how often do you acess the specific track you’re on and ask yourself do I know that I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m sure most of us can trace a path back to where we once ask that question. How often should we double check with God? Do you only ask directions when you’re lost? Well yeah! 

Recently I’ve made some pretty big changes and when I push back against fear and doubt and lean into my Heavenly Father I feel such an overwhelming confidence of being in the exact place I’m supposed to be. 

It made me think of the GPS I use. I’ve recently moved. There are now new routes in my life, and my temptation after I’ve been a couple of times is to not use my GPS, but with three kids in the car, my possibilities for distraction increase. Even with familiar roads when I’m thinking quick, left or right? Which one? Several times I’ve guessed wrong. See I was on the right road, but then distractions and doubt led me to choose incorrectly. Two things I could have done. Keep the GPS on, or I could’ve just stopped & forgot about the kids in the backseat or the drivers behind me and focused on the truth I knew. The other thing I know about a GPS is once you realize you’re lost, almost all roads lead back, it may not be the most direct route, but your destition is possible.

What I’ve noticed with my big changes is how much I love knowing I’m right where God wants me to be. This confidence brings an awareness that I’m where I’m supposed to be because there’s a “supposed to be” so I’m looking for it. I’m not where I am just for my healing, but so I can bring healing to others, it’s simbiodic! I’m not sure that because I’m where I’m supposed to be now, means I wasn’t where I was supposed to be before. What I do know is like when I’m driving, why not double check. Double checking creates another communication link. It’s how you begin to build foundational layers that cement those “know that you know” feelings to your heart. My prayer for you is that you know that know you’re in the right spot, because your destiny is hanging out somewhere close to your right spot. I pray that your heart will constantly remind you that your path isn’t just the road to your destination it’s somebody elese’s too, how can you help?!


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