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When I’m at my wits end and I begin to look at the waves crashing around me. The enemy screams no one is listening, your efforts don’t matter, you’re single voice is useless.
When giving up looks safe, but I know there’s no place for me there.
So to spit in the face of my accuser, I grab the hand of my sister who sees a similar wave and together we remind ourselves of the mighty Savior we serve and the high calling he’s leading us to and above all we remind ourselves of how worthy he is of our trust.
If our situation clouds our vision, he’s still there. When you’ve done everything to stand, stand and then take a step forward, pulling someone with you forces you to step forward, because the place you were standing was only room for one.
And then he overwhelms me with his love, he overshadows me with his awareness of my needs, my wants and even the desires that dare not even rise up, he knows them all. The surprising part about His love to me are the little parts, like the way he was listening, how he heard every cry. He saw every stand I took. He heard every word I said, and he wanted me to know now that my voice was heard. Today my life mattered. My discouragement broke his heart and the way I would look at my own heart broken kid and beg to hurt for her, He actually did! As a parent I often struggle with the right words to say to heal a heart. My Savior actually came to heal the broken hearted, he actually says the exact words to stop the bleeding and to restore hope. How’s that possible, I have no idea, but to love Him is to know Him. With every step through every struggle I’ve never looked back and wish I would’ve stayed grounded. Standing is fantastic, but taking a step is the beginning of momentum, which can be monument!


A bold decree attracts the hand of the hand of The Lord,
Well I’ve made some bold decrees & I couldn’t feel further away, I realize feelings are emotions and are not facts, but they feel real, and I feel real alone. I hate this feeling, I hate living this way & it’s always been this way, it’s like asking God to change a rock into a butterfly, maybe there are just some things that aren’t worth changing, maybe there are somethings that just can’t change because they don’t want to change. I don’t wanna give up, but only b/c I don’t know what else I’d do, there’s no hope in that, but there’s no hope in any of it, this is the definition of nonexistent hope. I don’t know the string you pull, I think it’s thread bare.

Less than 5 ,000 days how will they be lived, how will they be celebrated…will they be celebrated. Everyday counts even when the very thing you’re holding onto bites you keep holding and regrip, if what you holding bites you then you’re not holding it the right way. The same goes for crabs if it pinches you, you’re not holding it the right way, and I guess crabby people.

Unravel Love

What if it’s possible to unravel love.
I mean think about it
If you unravel a lie it can destroy an entire family. In the business world a single lie unraveling devalues shareholders & devastates everyone invested or involved. The thing about a lie is when you find one it always uncovers more, that’s the destroying rot of a lie, they grow like mold eating away at life because lies are alway buried and buried things take root and roots that are fed run deep.
Now I believe my God that holds the world in his hands is balanced.
I believe that Satan is not a creator he is a counterfeiter.
I believe that we’ve been unraveling lies so long, the statement unraveling love seems as practical as a purple unicorn.
I’m not gonna let a liar; in fact the father of lies convince me that uncovering the ability to unravel love is a pipe dream.
I believe it’s a word from my Father happily saying look here, yes here…ohhhh you’re getting sooo close.
I believe unraveling one thread of love leads to an entire nest of love & pulls at the very fabric of our design, God is Love! That’s a quote, we are made in his image, that’s a fact. All of creation is groaning & waiting for the children of God to understand who they are & who’s they are and then apply it!!
Everyday for weeks I’ve been asking the Father over & over & over again, “how do I unravel love in my family?” where’s the thread I pull on in this situation?
I believe when God says seek & you will find.
My God is not a Liar!!

Vetrens Day was this week & it got me to thinking, most of the things that keep us from being real with Him, from getting up close is we’re afraid He’ll see our wounds, our scars, our imperfections, but consider for a minute that the things that keep us at arms length are the battle wounds that God actually celebrates, in the way that a war hero would be celebrated. You were wounded in the fight, yes, but don’t be ashamed, those wounds are the proof you were in the fight for your life. You were on the front lines, war was waged on you & not only were you worthy for the fight, it was a fight to the death & you prevailed, not to be ashamed but to be rejoiced over to be celebrated, to have tasted victory & know its possible to prevail against the odds.
The body of Christ is coming out of a season that looks like the way the homecoming did for most of the Vietnam Veterans, unsympathetic, but we are moving into a season where grace abounds. And the scars that tried to hold you back, now make notice to the vital part you played, & the shame that once kept you at a distance is tied back and replaced with honor for the ground that you held.
Scars are places you’ve been but didn’t stay.
You’re pathway to your message is sometimes through your mess.

My God is HUGE
And although I have rattled some cages this week they are tremors of just that, cages that hold a desperate roar dying in fact to convince me of the only thing it has to sell, fear
My God is HUGE
He’s not scared so neither am I! He said greater is he who is in me, so I say
My God is HUGE
When I feel worthless he reminds me of my worth, when I feel penniless he reminds me of his worth, when I feel the most unloved, he absolutely lavishes me with the deepest seeping love that it leaks in & fills all my cracks
My God is HUGE
And the tremors from the cages I’ve rattled, they know with face, what I know with faith, for what I revel in they slithered from, I was called in & they were called out, I’m redeemed & they’re doomed. I’m highly favored & they couldn’t be further from the truth.
My God is HUGE.

What are you Chasing?
Everyone’s chasing something, we chase dreams, dogs chase their tail, some of us run fast enough that we can actually see what we’re chasing. No matter was your pace is something lies ahead that keeps you from turning around, so what is that?
What is King Saul would’ve chased after God the way he chased after David, well that would’ve change history. He was capable of the chase, because he chased, he had the time, because he used it, he had the resources because he used them. King Saul spent his life chasing David.

You can use hind sight to change your chase, history is being made every day. You are in charge of the direction of your chase. Generations from now will history look back & admire your chase or will they learn from your waste.